My school hosted an inter-school competition this past weekend. It was a two day event with competitions in: cooking, basketball, creative writing, t-shirt decorating, chess, quizzing, eastern dance, western dance, fashion show, western band and a lot more. The theme of the entire Fest was women’s empowerment. It was really great to see young men from the all boys schools participating in an event like this with such a strong message.

My favorite events were cooking, eastern dance, western dance and a quick competition called one minute to fame.

Cooking: for the cooking competition, the students had to make salads and fun drinks. The judges consisted of two chefs from local restaurants and a guy that knew a lot about food but wasn’t a chef. As for me, I just went around snapping pictures, asking questions and sampling the food. These salads and drinks would definitely make the travel clinic don’t list since all of the ingredients were raw, and it was a warm and balmy afternoon (plus I didn’t get to see how thoroughly everything was washed. But it wouldn’t have mattered since I’m not supposed to drink the water anyways). Nevertheless, I proceeded to try every single salad and most of the drinks and I have no regrets.

Dance: the dancing was my favorite. There were some pretty solid hip hop routines. I was very pleased with the appreciation for b-boy culture that the students from the all boys schools weaved into their routines. When I was watching the western dance performances, I felt like I could have been in any high school anywhere. Its really interesting to think about how connected we all are to our interests and hobbies as a result of the internet.

One minute to fame: each school chose one student to perform a quick talent. There were two AMAZING beat boxers. It wasn’t your average boom-boom-clak-thik-teek the whole time, there was some dubstep thrown in there too. They were so good that the emcee called them up onstage again to do a sort of collaboration/battle. It was awesome.

Here are just a few photos:


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