I’m Finally Back: Puja Recap

After three lovely weeks in Kerala I am back in Kolkata and halfway through my grant. I am falling in love with this city, it just keeps getting better. The temperature is warm, breezy and sunny. I now understand why they call it the city of joy.

Durga Puja is celebrated throughout India, but Kolkata is definitely the place to be for the four-day long, larger than life street festival. Puja has been a non-stop topic of conversation ever since I found out that I would be living in Kolkata and the excitement of Puja season is truly infectious. For four days the city celebrates the mother goddess’ defeat over the demon Mahishasura and her homecoming with drums, food and elaborate pandals (temporarily constructed temples). The whole city stays out late into the night with everyone from babies to grandmas sporting their new Puja clothes.

There was a mini Fulbright reunion/meet-up since many of the other ETAs and researchers  to experience Puja in Kolkata for themselves. I also celebrated my 22nd birthday with a pre-pandal hopping party.

Take a look at my slideshow to see Durga Puja from start to finish.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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