Selection Exams

My school is in the midst of exams at the moment and my days have been jam-packed with behind the scenes teacher responsibilities. In the mornings, I usually have a 40 minute shift proctoring a three hour exam. The students are so anxious that I get second-hand anxiety just standing in the test room. A proctor cannot just sit and zone out either, I have to walk around the room and pass out extra paper (all exams are written) and look around for cheaters.

When I don’t have proctor duty, I sit in the staff room and grade exams and projects. I am currently grading a Class 11 English exam and a Class 11 autobiography project. It can be quite exhausting grading 80 or so autobiography projects but, it is also kind of interesting to read what these 17 year old girls are writing about.

At the end of the day I substitute primary school ECA (Extra-curricular activity) classes. So far I’ve assisted a couple of drama classes with the Class 3s and 4s and I’ve also taken a few aerobics classes for the Class 2s and 3s. It takes a lot of energy to captivate a primary school audience but, its also a lot of fun.

On top of all this, we ETAs are preparing for our Fulbright South and Central Asia Seminar which will be held in Sri Lanka in a little less than two weeks. We have to host sessions on various topics involving teaching English and adjusting to life in our respective countries and cities. I’m quite excited to re-connect with the other South and Central Asia ETAs that I met at PDO–and the other India ETAs, of course– but, I’m also feeling slightly overwhelmed with all the things that I need to do between now and then.




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