November in a Nutshell

Here are a couple of this month’s highlights:

On the Quest for Live Music.DSCN0945

A couple of months ago, I started complaining about how there was not enough live music in my life. Luckily, winter in Kolkata is festival season so there has been an influx of music and cultural festivals in the area. My favorite was the International Dance Fiesta Kolkata. The music was excellent and the dancing was great too.

An Expat Thanksgiving.

This is only my second Thanksgiving away from home. The last time I was in France. I don’t even know if I celebrated properly since I was buried in school work. This time, I definitely did Thanksgiving right.

I was invited to the Consul General’s residence in Kolkata and I actually felt like I was having a real family-oriented American Thanksgiving. The house we were in had high ceilings and a big backyard, and the food was perfect Thanksgiving fare. We started off with some wine and cheese–not paneer– and then moved onto the main course, buffet style. There was everything from pork chops, turkey, carrot flan, mashed potatoes, rolls, sweet potatoes green beans with almonds, cheesy broccoli–not paneer– and cranberry sauce.

For dessert there was an array of pies, including apple and pumpkin pie, and a pretty nice spread of cookies and other baked goods.


I attended a yoga dance therapy workshop taught by Soraya Franco. Soraya is a former ballet dancer that came to India on a UNESCO scholarship to study dance. Her workshop emphasized the connection between yoga and dance and her yoga style was slow, deep and conscious vinyasa flow with a ballet influence. I was definitely sore the next day.


DSCN0958DSCN0957 DSCN0942DSCN0975Top to Bottom: 1. & 2. Dancers at the International Dance Festival, 3. Kolkata based band Ifs and Buts, 4. At the Jazz Fest


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