Goodbye India.

I’m on my way to Ghana at the moment. This last month has had an entirely different tone than the last nine.

I spent four weeks in the Himalayas at the Sivananda Kutir in Netala (near Uttarkashi). I did a 200 hour yoga teacher training course that was absolutely life enhancing.

I’ve heard many people refer to India as the Motherland. I feel as if I’m going from one Motherland to another, Ghana here I come!

The pictures below show a little bit of what I’ve been up to this past month.

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One thought on “Goodbye India.”

  1. Hey Adizah!!
    My name is Nabeel and I am applying to the Fulbright ETA program in India! I love reading your blogposts and I just had a few questions about your experience and the application process if you dont mind lending me a hand! I hope email conversations suffice; I can be reached at
    -Nabeel Ahmad

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